Monogram letter R personalized name bamboo custom engraved cutting board

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SunFire Artistry brings you one of the best unique presents for the cook or chef in your life! Your gift will be the hit of the party every time!

All naturally sustained bamboo wood. Bamboo boards are the best surface areas to cut on with professional knives. Wood cutting boards are just as safe, if not safer, to use than plastic boards.

Keep oiled to preserve the natural qualities of the wood. Food grade mineral oil is transparent with no odor or color and is preferred over any other oil. Bamboo has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which eliminates most potential contaminants. Washing includes soapy water, rinse and hand dry.

Chopping can be used on the reverse side of the board to keep the engraving looking brand new. However, cutting on the engraved side will not diminish the engraved design. 

3 sizes available

Every board is custom engraved to order by our shop in Arlington, Washington State.

Included are example pictures of engraved boards of what your board will look like. Variations with the wood make every engraving unique only to you!


*Engraved images vary on color with every wood grain. Color is normally different shades over the entire engraved area on the final product. This makes for a unique characteristic.